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How many people speak Portuguese worldwide?

"My homeland is my language" - Fernando Pessoa - Portuguese poet

Population of countries and jurisdictions of Portuguese official or co-official language

According to statistical and credible data from each government and their statistical national bureaus the population of each of the nine jurisdictions is as follows (by descending order):

    Brazil: 190,755,799 (definite results of the 2010 Census)

    Mozambique: 20,366,795 (definite results of the 2007 Census)

    Angola: 15,116,000 (government's estimate. Angola hasn't had a census counting for a few decades, the next one is scheduled for 2013)

    Portugal: 10,555,853 (preliminary results of the 2011 Census)

    Guinea-Bissau: 1,520,830 (definite results of the 2009 Census)

    Timor-Leste: 1,066,582 (preliminary results of the 2010 Census)

    Macau: 558,100 (estimate of the DSEC of SAR Macau. The countings of the 2011 Census are now being made.

    Cape Verde: 491,575 (preliminary results of the 2010 Census)

 São Tomé and Principe: 137,599 (results of the 2001 Census published in 2003)

Source: Wikipedia

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