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Here I provide links to some glossaries and dictionaries that may help translators and people involved in localization-related activities.



Glossaries and dictionaries are fantastic tools, but have to be used wisely. The same word can have different meanings and therefore the use of glossaries and dictionaries needs judgement and criteria. Just an example to illustrate this: the word "grinder" in English can designate several types of machines. It is absolutely necessary to know the context before choosing the correct term in the target language.


Caterpillar glossary (technical glossary English-Portuguese):

Good technical glossary. It was created by Caterpillar Brazil and published by the Elo Magazine, technical magazine by Sotreq, a Caterpillar dealer. Available for download in PDF format. It is targeted to earth-moving machinery.


My personal Kudoz glossaries:

This is a collection of terms from my answers to Kudoz questions from other translators in the Proz site. It has several glossaries with many language combinations.


Law glossary (Portuguese):

In Portuguese. Issued by the Brazilian Supreme Federal Court. Several terms, their definitions and examples of how these terms are used.


Finance, Accounting and Legal Dictionary (English-Portuguese):

Good dictionary with several terms. Prepared by Schutz and Kanomata language Center, Brazil.


Food Glossary (English-Portuguese):

Glossary about food (ingredients, dishes etc) from the Cyber Cook site


Obs. This list is a "work in progress" and new glossaries will be posted in the future.


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